Defy death, as did Tahiko. Sieze the power of your blood, as did the Mother.

Rise, as does the Trickster


Long, long ago, in the expanse of time before the birth of all we know, a boy named Hokkaido ran away. Away from his heritage, away from his old life and home, never to return.

Though that name is long lost, and all that he knew is gone forever, his story still perseveres. It is a tale of two brothers. Of war, death, and trial – of peace, life, and learning. Of a place where Gods walk among men, and swirling sand clashes against unforgiving iron. Here, even the greatest may fall with the dawn of the sun, and even the lowest may rise with the rising of the moon and the night upon its tail.

Can even the most impossible obstacles be overcome, and the greatest mountains climbed?

Can, against all odds, the spirit of the Trickster rise?


Pantheon of the Sun and Moon | The Fallen Gods | The Wrath of the Gods

Finally, peace has settled upon a land where the Gods walk amongst men. The peoples of great Caelan and Syad both have set to repairing their nations after centuries of warfare, honoring the work of the great Samnus; a knight of great virtue who gave his life in a valiant effort to at long last bring an end to the grievous War of the Mask. Finally, the common man can finally sleep well at night, knowing that his house will not be burnt to a cinder by flaming missiles or his children cut down at the witching hour by hordes of heathen mercenaries.

However, it is unclear how long this apparent truce will last, as already rumors spread among the people that the fabled ‘Great Destruction’ will soon come to pass, indicating not only ruin for Caelan, but the impending obliteration of the Land of the Sun's Gods. The divine ones, being ancient and therefore fearful, gather their personal legions to themselves, scheme, and prepare for some grand conflict. If only they knew that all the able men in the world could not save them from their fates.

The Pantheon will fall, and it will be up to four sorry souls alone to save the world from entering the eternal and moonless night of destruction.