Come work with us! Doppelfoxx belongs to a pair of independent freelancers committed to friendly environments, social connection, and creative new ideas. We are also -

  • Authors and content creators responsible for the growth of personal label Doppelfoxx and other private business ventures

  • Passionate, able, and experienced with writing, editing, and design in all forms, esp. creative, opinion, review, and promotional work

  • Able to manage projects and come up with new, creative ideas for a concept or product with ease, we find writing and editing work entertaining, stress-free, and enjoyable, and can work under pressure with outstanding results.

  • And have several existing customers and partners in the business, with plentiful opportunities available!

You can contact us or view our content here!

Email: | Twitter: @Doppelfoxx | Discord: Doppelfoxx#4807 | Instagram: @Doppelfoxx


We are open for -

  • OC/Character Sheets inc. conceptual work

  • Fullbodies w/ or w/o background

  • Halfbodies w/ or w/o background

  • Busts

  • Fantasy maps

  • Graphic design of all kinds

  • Logo design

  • Album cover design

  • Collaborations, YCH

And many more, please inquire


We are open for -

  • Fiction creative writing

  • Non-fiction creative writing

  • Article writing

  • Storyboarding and conceptual work

  • Editorial work

  • Collaborations

  • We are looking to interview and promotional opportunities for aritstic personalities - send us an inquiry using the contact methods below.

And many more, please inquire


We are open for hiring for any project, however work that we will and will not take on is subject to individual discrecion, and at any time during the process we reserve the right to terminate a project and provide a refund.

Using work done by us, commissioned from us, or collaborated on with us without express permission for other than personal display, particularly in the form of NFTs and commercial usage without prior given permission, is strictly forbidden.

With all that said, we have no caps or limitations on the amount of work we will take on, so again feel free to shoot us a message on Twitter at @Doppelfoxx or an email to

Good luck, and we can't wait to hear from you!


Given the large array and irregularity of the services we offer, individual pricing is quite difficult, and thus is upon inquiry. Price will depend upon complexity, level of existing material to work with, and may include other factors such as licencing when it comes to logos and covers, by arrangement. Feel free to contact us with anything, and we will do the absolute best we can to work out a deal!

Payment is generally on a 50/50 basis - 50% before start, 50% after finish. Also note we will not work for free except in very, very exceptional circumstances, so please no such requests. We will rarely also work for exposure, and tend to do so only with close acquaintances.