FRIDAY (@floppy_friday)

Welcome and thank you for interviewing with us! Who are you and what do you do? Describe yourself in a few sentences.

My name is Friday, and thank you for interviewing me! My main fursona is a banded civet called likewise, although earlier I went under Zephyrus, and my fursona then was a pink-hair hyena! I have several other characters and aliases, and I'm still searching for the one that makes me feel the most comfortable. I love both making and sharing art, and I'm hoping to start opening for commissions soon.f

So what art do you create and when did you start?

I started doing traditional art when I began elementary school. At the time, my parents called it my 'talent', but I always firmly believed that the only true driving force there was passion. Sadly, didn't stop them from nudging me into it a little, like I was going to be the next big shot at Dreamworks or Disney, when I still had a lot to learn before stepping out in that way. The time while I felt pressured by that expectation burned away a bit of that passion, but eventually I became interested in animation, which showed me an entire new level of art, and introduced me to digital art!

What inspires your art, and how do you get that creative energy going?

For specific ideas, other artists/art, and also just my thoughts, but as for creative energy, musiccccc! Nothing better than vibing and making something new. I like getting the tone of what I'm doing from what I'm listening to, and it nearly always helps cheer me up! As a whole, I don't like being forced or 'having' to do art, rather just letting it flow and enjoying myself in the moment, so a lot of what I do is really just something I was having fun with, rather than a project I set myself upon. Sometimes I shuffle around ideas a lot, and let them find their place, though they still feel like a mess even after, sometimes.

What was your introduction to the furry fandom, and how do you feel about it today?

I actually found out about the fandom through jokes and bad memes, and was quite negative about the fandom for a long time, for various reasons. However, sometimes things like that just depend on what kind of friends are around you, and I kinda changed stance with new ones, as well as watching BNA, then joining some servers and really enjoying myself! It's hard to explain, but before I began to draw furry art, I had difficulty finding a way or set model of ideas in which to express my ideas, when afterwards I felt as though it were more simple and enjoyable. I really think that people finding communities to express themsevles in is very, very important, and that furry provides that for a lot of people without anywhere else to turn. rom realizing what they like in art, to feeling okay to talk about their sexuality and not be judged - which is super hard in a lot of ways. The LGBT community is like the roots of the fandom, and I think that's a brilliant source of unique creativity, not just a statistic or number, just like the rest of our demographics! It makes furry unique amongst nearly all, and all the more lively, enticing, and colorful!

What is your experience with negativity toward the fandom and your impression of those who perpetuate it?

I remember, one of my classmates sent me that video where some soldiers went to a park full of furries and started shooting them up, and I was kinda shocked that this kind of thing was out in the open. A lot of things people target to furries wouldn't be acceptable to target to literally any other group, regardless of context. Why is shooting, discriminating against, and literally forming 'anti-' groups against any community a joke to make? It's like people find this little niche where people don't know enough about furries themselves, and thus anything can be said about harming them without a particularly negative reaction from others, unlike if it were a race or something else. I'm still not sure what it is they want, however, but I'm pretty certain it's just attention-seeking or disguised homophobia, and not much else.

People say, "If you're only focussing on your fursona, that's stopping you from becoming yourself in real life". Yet somehow that's just not the point. Ten out of ten furries I know changed monumentally irl because of becoming a furry, and I'm one of them. It's like what we do in the fandom helps awkward or different people find a way to express themselves, and loosen up a lot to the world around them. The skeptics are right in a way, though, because bringing furry stuff from online and your own mind into real life can change things a lot, and make people judge you. For example, when they found out, my best friend was like, "The art is okay, but I won't be able to stand if you get a suit", which is annoying because only a very small amount of furries have suits anyway. With such a large amount of people, any group of people really, people get preconceptions, which can't really be avoided, and in that way I'm kinda more comfortable when people say "anthropomorphic" rather than "furry" when it comes to my work, since it's a diffucult situation to have to ward off the judgement, no matter how well you could hypothetically do so. Some people seem to think that furry is a demeaning word now, just like some people would say about feminism, or when people joke sarcastically about being gay, and it is kinda sad to see trolling and negativity both within and without turn groups and constructive labels against themselves.

Anything you would like to say to close off?

Well, thank you guys so much for the interview, first of all, and secondly, I wish the absolute best for everyone reading this! Not everything is black and white, and I'd love to see a lot more people get along and have a great time rather than argue for no reason - maybe if we could all just be soft cuddly animal-human things, everything would be a little easier.

Meanwhile, I'll get back to my art, and if you guys want to come join me or do some of your own, that would be awesome! Chao!

Friday is on Twitter as @floppy_friday. Check out his work there!

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