GABRIEL FOXX (@Doppelfoxx)

Welcome and thank you for interviewing with us! Who are you and what do you do? Describe yourself in a few sentences.

My name is Gabriel Foxx, and I am an author, artist, and musician born in Eastern Australia. My partner Jakkie and I are the creators of the label Doppelfoxx, and through this venture we work on our fictional novel project 'The Twines'! We do everything together, and we love interacting with and doing our best to help and be there for everyone around us!

When did you start writing and doing art? What gave you your start, and what gives you creative energy?

Personally, I have always been very creative - especially loving writing and creating my own universes, characters or whatever might come to mind! It was natrual that I gravitated towards a lot of other people who thought the same and were interested in the same kind of things, and when I finally saw that there was a realm to express that kind of thing on an achievable scale that I could imagine, I was more than enthusiastic. I begun my first novel at 16, and after that I never stopped coming up with new ideas to this day, though my attention span often makes it nearly impossible to finish most ideas, let alone all of them!

When it comes to art, I would have to say that it was more of a slow process. I always found art more challenging and less of a talent for myself, which was hard given once more that my attention span is quite smol, once could say, and I tend to get frustrated easily at my own skills. However, whenever I do have the perseverance to continue trying, I do end up somewhat happy with my creations, and I think that's something important for everyone. Sometimes the path to getting better at something that you want to achieve won't always be easy, but certainly it will be worth it at the end if you want it enough to stick with it.

As for creative energy, this seems like a generic answer, from the amount of times I have heard other people say it, but it would really have to be music. Nothing makes me feel more enthusiastic nor fills me with more creative energy than an inspirational song catching my ear. It is truly as though there is some magic in it that invigorates and brings new ideas. I've had entire books present themselves to me in a single song, and it never fails to get me into a good mood.

Who are some inspirations in the creative industry that helped with your growth to where you are today?

A childhood of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter books and Marvel movies gained me my love of wide, sweeping sagas, and to this day I still seek to rival products such as these, and to craft something of the like - a creative universe to call my own, and to fill with wonderment and deep storytelling designed to captivate the minds of others just as mine had been stolen from such a young age.

On an individual level however - first and foremost, the work of Culpeo S. Fox helped me see a great paralel between words, art, and subtle, dark storytelling that had seemed previously concealed, and I have even had the privelage of doing buisness with them upon several occasions since. My partner Jakkie, who is a constant inspiration with his endless and stubborn creativity every day, keeps me well grounded and offers a source of eternal advice that never wavers. Secondly, there are some honorable mentions in Kyell Gold and with him Tess Garman (Aka. Kenket) and everything they both have achieved in their long career with the community individually. There's so many others that I could attribute my creative growth to, and those that inspire me to be like them, but in general it's simply the communities I have been and am part of as a whole.

Any messages you want to send to people who read this, and anything you want to say about the community as a whole?

No matter what limitations the world around sets on you, no matter how stagnant things might seem, no matter how out of control things appear , you are never lost. You are never alone so long as you have the will to feel isolation, for there in that very emotion is the drive, the need, hope, and opportunity for something more. All people are created equal, and it is the outcome of each individual moment that we live which makes up who we are and what we achieved - be it in the eyes of others, or in the depths of our hearts. So regardless of whether you create, entertain, enjoy or simply wish to live and prosper, remember this. Each second is an opportunity, and in the span of one, your entire world can change. The decision, the next step, is always yours.

Gabriel Foxx is half of the label Doppelfoxx.

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