Welcome and thank you for interviewing with us! Who are you and what do you do? Describe yourself in a few sentences.

Hi! We're Carrie and Joelle, aka the Moms of Furries™! We are best pals whose kids bravely took the initiative to educate us about what it means to be a furry, and ask to be taken to a fur con.

Taking this entirely onboard, we immediately decided on a MoF mission to share the benefits of the furry fandom and to dispel myths, as well as negative stereotypes. We believe this fandom is not only appropriate for young furries but also a positive outlet for their creativity and self-expression. As part of this mission, we created the Moms of Furries' Young Furry Chill Space™, which is space we host at various conventions dedicated to young furries and their con chaperones. We provide art supplies, con-specific activities, board games, etc. for young furry attendees and their chaperones to use at no cost to them. We even laminate badge art and provide lanyards so those who can't commission badges can make their own! It is always a great place to meet friends, make art, or just chill out for a while.

What started your investment in the fandom, and where did your journey in this community begin?

As we said above, years ago, our (then) teens asked to go to a furry convention. At the time, we didn't know much about the fandom, but what we had heard we thought it might be an adults-only type of thing. However, once Carrie's kid introduced her to the con dance competitions because he knew how much Carrie loved dancing, it worked, and she was in! Joelle's kid gave facts about the fandom and expressed how much they wanted to go see some particular suiters and artists.

After initial hesitation, we agreed to take a weekend moms and teens trip to FC2018. Since we never got time with just our teens - both of our families have multiple kids - we thought of it as a Moms and Teens Road Trip! Worst case, we would just leave and find another hotel.

THEN...we arrived at FurCon in San Jose, CA!

It took us only this moment to realize how amazing this community could be. As soon as we stepped into the con, we instantly felt welcomed into this amazing community! It's not perfect, but it's pretty great! Sure, there are adult aspects, as there are in any fandom, but there are also boundless opportunities to build friendships, to find your people, and to just be SILLY!

So, on the last day of the con, we felt it was our duty to share our experience with other possibly hesitant parents. We decided to make a video. That first YouTube video garnered more support than we could have ever imagined! Since then, we've featured in several YouTube videos and other content produced by the loving furry community, and it couldn't have made us happier.

Any messages you want to send to people who read this, and anything you want to say about the community as a whole?

Even just from a parent's perspective, being furry means widely different things to different people. It could be just a fun hobby, a culture they invest into, or something that allows them to express themselves in a way that has never presented itself to them before. However, no matter what it means to your child, it should be something they can share with you. Think about it, if your child can’t discuss being in a fandom with you…how are they able to talk about the big things?

Well, that's all from us! If anyone wants to reach out, go to to get our contact info. We hope to see you at a con soon!

The Moms of Furries are on Twitter as @MomsOfFurries. Check out their work there, or on their website at!

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