Tuning in to 'Vos FM' today, the premiere broadcasting station from Port Cadence to the Cape, we have a special news announcement. Believe it or not, a man was *murdered* out in the so-called 'slums' sometime past midnight, and even the Nottingham poverty reimbursement couldn't save him, could it, Bill?

You're going to get us fired, Welsh.

No-one listens to this, Bill. Don't kid yourself. Well, apart from this guy, perhaps, from up on high. Discovered dead in his home late last night, one 'Jack...'

“Aaannd... Boring. Heard it already.”

A quick twist of extended claws was all that it took to bring silence to the cabin. The swell of the car's engine and the rush of air around the slightly soon filled that space of tranquillity, but he didn't mind. Some times, it was simply relaxing to sit there and listen to the churning hum, with his mind on the road ahead. Especially when they'd rather talk than play music.

The fox behind the wheel smiled, and eased down on the accelerator a little harder as the palms turned to incandescent streaks in the golden sunlight.