O U R   W O R K S
(Works authored and/or edited by Gabriel Foxx)



by Gabriel Foxx


 Defy death, as did Tahiko. Seize the power of your blood, as did the Mother.

Rise, as does the Trickster

Long, long ago, a boy named Hokkaido ran away. Away from his lord father, away from his life and home, and away from all he had ever known, never to return. 

Though that name is long lost to the wear of time, his story still perseveres. A tale of two brothers, and an old race of shape-shifters. Of war, death, and trial. Of peace, life, and learning. Of a place where Gods walk among men, and swirling sand clashes against unforgiving iron. 

The lord's son and his stalwart companion Haiken arrive in Caelan with high hopes, but the Land of the Sun is quick to show its true nature - unforgiving, hostile, and wracked by a conflict older than time itself. What was once a rebellious flight soon turns into a desperate search for safety, and the pair find themselves struggling both to survive and to protect the very world beneath their feet from the flailing of the Gods.

Influenced by classic epic fantasy but set firmly upon genre-bending, the Trickster Lord is a first glance into the woven, ever-growing universe of The Twines. Power is a fleeting commodity here, and the balance between good and evil is more volatile than ever before.

Can even the greatest obstacles be overcome, and the tallest mountains climbed?

Can, against all odds, the spirit of the Trickster rise?



by Gabriel Foxx


August Hess is kind - golden of heart, of fur, and of word. 

But life has not been kind to him in return. 

This year, least of all.

First he was forcedly outed by those who stand to judge him most, then he was taken dealthly ill with no warning whatsoever, and now everything seems to be coming down about August's ears at great speed - his very chances of staying alive, the precarious relationship between himself, his girlfriend, and his parents, and any last hope of living a normal, peace-filled life together that they have ever held.

As things come to a final, unavoidable head, which are the emotions that will remain strongest of all, and how wide will the ripples of August's cruelly conflict-filled life range?




by Ty Fox


After a rocky start to his higher education, things are finally working out for Skyler to start his senior year. The wolf's dream of going to graduate school and getting his PhD is well within reach. But without the stabilizing love and support of his boyfriend, Ryan, he knows he never could have gotten this far.

However, the furrows of trauma run deep. While the visible cracks along the surface have been papered over, years of hardship have fractured him at his core. If Skyler can't find a way to truly heal, then the destructive and intersecting narratives of his past may yet define his future.

Gravitational Pull follows the throughlines of Skyler's life as he blindly searches for a happiness he's been denied for so long. He's caught between two bodies in opposition. Behind him, a black hole threatens to drag him back into the abyss - before him, a bright star draws him towards a new horizon.

The question is - whose pull will prove to be stronger?